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Reusable Silicone Petals

Reusable Silicone Petals

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Looking for a fashionable and comfortable way to breastfeed your child? Look no further than the reusable silicone petals! These petals provide a snug fit to your breast and are made from bi-adhesive material that is sticky but not durable. The rubber surface strengthens breathability and makes it easier to wear the petals without having to worry about them falling off. Additionally, the three-dimensional cup type thick in the middle, thinner around design adjusts to your breast curves perfectly, making it difficult for others to see that you are wearing a bra. The nipple glue dot has no glue design, making it sexy and lovely as well as providing greater protection. Finally, lifting the chest and bending the 30° bend provides more intimate milk feeding than traditional bras.

Package Includes:1 Pair Bra Nipple Cover

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